With the closure of the masjid due the coronavirus outbreak the masjid needs the support of the whole community to meet its financial obligations.

Remember this will be a sadaqah jariyah for you and will continue to benefit you or your loved ones long after you/they have left this world.



Islamic Centre (UKIM)
Account no: 20514047
Sort code: 20-72-67

Set up a regular standing order to support the masjid over the next few months.



The country in some form of tier lockdown, and our beloved mosques are open with restrictions. Who knew the world would come to see such dark days? However despair not: Allah (SWT) does not burden a soul more than it can bear and teaches us to seek His Almighty assistance through patience and prayer.

In these times it is vital that we help out all those in need around the world. This is your opportunity to seek the help of Allah as He helps those that help others.

“Indeed, those men and women who give in charity and lend to Allah a good loan will have it multiplied for them, and they will have an honourable reward” (Al-Qur’an,57: 18)



UK Islamic Mission 
Account no: 50769800 
Sort code: 20-72-67

You can drop off LONG LIFE food items at Neeli Mosque on the first weekend of every month

An example of long life items included in our packs.

Pasta, Sugar, Salt, Cooking oil, Cereal, UHT Milk, Tinned Food, Baked Beans Tins, Chick Peas, Kidney Beans, Sweetcorn, Tuna Tin, Jam/Honey, Olives, Pasta Sauce, Coffee, Rice, Tea Bags, Cordial, Ketchup / Mayonnaise bottles, biscuits, Toothpastes & Toiletries.

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